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301. Did you enter the contest? 你參加比賽了嗎?
302. Do you accept credit cards? 你們收信用卡嗎?
303. Don’t cry over spilt milk. 不要做無益的後悔
304. Don’t let chances pass by. 不要讓機遇從我們身邊溜走。
305. He owned himself defeated. 他承認自己失敗了。
306. He seems a little nervous. 他顯得有點緊張。
307. He strolls about the town. 他在鎮上四處遛達。
308. Her tooth ached all night. 她牙疼了一整夜。
309. How about a drink tonight? 今晚喝一杯怎樣?
310. I can do nothing but that. 我只會做那件事。


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