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371. He shot the lion with a gun 他用槍把獅子打死了
374 . I don’t think you are right 我認為你是不對的
373. I have never seen the movie 我從未看過那部電影
374. I haven’t seen you for ages 我好久沒見到你了
375. I was alone, but not lonely 我獨自一人,但並不覺得寂寞
376. I went there three days ago 我三天前去過那兒
377. It’s a friendly competition 這是一場友誼賽
378. It’s very thoughtful of you 你想得真週到
379. May I speak to Lora, please? 我能和勞拉說話嗎?
380. Mr. Wang is fixing his bike. 王先生在修他的自行車


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