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381.  My brother is see king a job 我弟弟正在找工作
382 . Nancy will retire next year 南希明年就退休了
383. Neither you nor he is wrong 你沒錯,他也沒錯
384. Opportunity knocks but once 機不可失,時不再來
385. She dressed herself hastily. 她匆忙穿上衣服
386. She hired a car by the hour 她租了一輛按鐘點計費的汽車
387. Someone is ringing the bell. 有人在按門鈴
388. The Smiths are my neighbors 史密斯一家是我的鄰居
389. These shoes don’t fit right 這雙鞋不太合適
390. This is only the first half 這才是上半場呢。


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