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421. Are you going to have a party? 你要舉行聚會嗎?
422 . Aren’t you concerned about it? 難道你不擔心嗎?
423. Don’t forget to keep in touch. 別忘了保持聯繫。
424. He broke his words once again 他又一次違背了諾言
425. He is in his everyday clothes 他穿著平常的衣服
426. He is taller than I by a head 他比我高一頭
427. He led them down the mountain 他帶他們下山
428. He was trained to be a lawyer 他被培養成一名律師
429. I am afraid that l have to go 我要走了
430. I don’t have any cash with me 我身上沒帶現金


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