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431. I have been putting on weight 我開始發胖了
432 . I have just finished the book 我剛剛讀完這本書
433. I was late for work yesterday 我昨天上班遲到了
434. It appears to be a true story 這故事似乎是真的
435. I’ve got to start working out 我必須開始做健身運動了
436. Japan is to the east of China 日本在中國的東部
437. John asked Grace to marry him 約翰向格雷斯求婚
438. My watch is faster than yours 我的錶比你的錶快
439. New China was founded in l949 1949年新中國成立
440. Thanks for your compliment 多謝你的誇獎


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