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451. Go right back to the beginning 直接回到起始位置
452 . He does everything without aim 他做事都漫無目標
453. He is respectful to his elders 他對長輩很恭敬
454. He knows English better than I 他比我懂英語
455. He resolved to give up smoking 他決心戒煙
456. His talk covered many subjects 他的報告涉及很多課題
457. I fear that he drinks too much 我擔心他喝的酒太多了
458. I have my hair cut every month 我每個月都理髮
459. I want to have a part-time job 我想有一份兼職工作
460. I’m sorry to have bothered you 對不起,打擾你了


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