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每日學常用英文十句(52) 這是你我之間的秘密 英文


511. It’s a secret between you and me 這是你我之間的秘密
512 . It’s very kind of you to help me 你幫助我真是太好了
513. Let’s divide the cake into three 們將蛋糕分成三份吧
514. Patience is a mark of confidence 耐心是自信心的一種表現
515. Susan is going to finish college 蘇珊將完成大學學業
516. That is my idea about friendship 這是我關於友誼的看法
517. The book you ask for is sold out 你要的那本書已經售完了
518. The boy was too nervous to speak 那男孩緊張得說不出話來
519. The play may begin at any moment 戲隨時都有可能開始
520. The salve will heal slight burns. 這種藥膏能治療輕微燒傷



Constant dropping wears the stone 滴水穿石


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