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541. He invited me to dinner yesterday. 他昨天請我吃晚飯了
542 . He struck his attacker on the ear 他打了那個攻擊者一耳光
543. He suddenly appeared in the party 他突然在晚會上出現了
544. Her handbag goes with her clothes. 她的手袋和她的衣服很搭配
545. Here we are. Row M, seats l and 3. 哦,到了。M排,l號和3號
546. His boss might get angry with him 他的老闆也許會生他的氣
547. I expect to be there this evening 我打算今天晚上到那兒去
548. I really need to lose some weight 我真的需要減肥了
549. I think you have the wrong number 我想你打錯號碼了。
550. I would rather stay at home alone 我寧願獨自呆在家




Time is more valuable than money 時間比金錢寶貴


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