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你覺得你的新工作怎樣?  英文要怎麼說呢!

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你覺得你的新工作怎樣?  英文要怎麼說呢!

How do you like your new job?(你覺得你的新工作怎樣?)



How do you like…?(你對…的感覺如何?)
Your new job(你的新工作)

在這個問句中,”your new job” 是具體的事物,即問及對新工作的感覺。

I like it a lot! The work is interesting, and my colleagues are friendly.

It’s challenging, but I enjoy the learning experience.

So far, so good. The environment is positive, and I’m learning a lot.

New Job(新工作)

colleagues (同事)

challenging ( 挑戰性的;有吸引力的

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